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Pretty in Pink: three rosy looks for every kind of Valentine!

Ah, Valentine's Day: whether you're eagerly awaiting date night with your significant other or an evening spent cozied up in front of the telly with our good friends Ben & Jerry, there's no denying it - love is in the air! So why ruin this sweetest of sentiments by worrying about what you're going to wear?! Thankfully, I've already done all the hard work for you: now all you have to do is break out the piggy bank! (After all, you deserve a treat this February 14 - above anyone else, you have to love yourself.) See below for my complete guide to Valentine's style, whether Cupid's arrow has left you feeling fearless, frisky, or flirty.  

Look 1: The Bold & the Beautiful!

This look is for the girl who knows what (& who!) she wants this Valentine's Day, whether she's strutting her stuff in the bar or coolly, confidently walking in to meet her date at the grooviest restaurant in town. J'adore the ultra-mod dress from KENZO - its silhouette is flawless & it's the perfect shade to flatter almost every skin tone. Embrace your inner rebel by breaking an age-old style rule, pairing this hottest of pinks with bright red accents. Keep it sassy with electric accessories, killer platforms, & pin-up inspired make-up (this tutorial from The Beauty Department is perfectly on-point). For a more economic version of the pop-art clutch featured here, check out this Roy Lichtenstein-inspired piece from ASOS. I'm also loving Kate Spade's current line of phone cases, even if they are a little pricey...they give even the poorest of fashion bloggers (ahem, me) a level of chicness to aspire to. A highlight from the collection has become my new personal manifesto: "Eat cake for breakfast." Will do! (Maybe even on Valentine's Day...)

Look 2: The Life of the Party!

This sparkly ensemble is for those of you Single Ladies who don't plan on coming home this Valentine's Day - or, maybe you just want to treat yourself to a luxe look to wear around the house for girls' night. Either way, the juxtaposition of the heavy sequins & fur (I beg of you: keep it faux!) and the floaty ballerina skirt looks straight from the pages of Vogue - not to toot my own horn, of course. I am nothing if not modest (ha ha ha). The high gladiator heels and abundance of bling keep the look playful, while the demure shade of pink adds a subtle note of sophistication. Take off the jacket, tone down your make-up, and swap the sky-high stilettos for a pair of bow-topped flats to take this look from night to day. Also, I'd like to take a moment of appreciation especially for the watch, another of Kate Spade's gorgeous gems - have I reached "obsessed" yet?! If you're craving more glitz & glamour, check out this skirt (only $38.00!) from Lulu's, or top off the above look with a twinkly gold eye like this one

Look 3: The Girl Next Door!

If your plans for Valentine's Day are a little more romantic and a little less high-maintenance, then this is the look for you! Even the price screams "casual chic"; if you're a size medium +, then you've still got a shot at snapping up this dress for just $15 a pop. (If jeans are more your style, check out this top from Forever 21 - preferably in the color blush - to get the same doe-eyed ingenue effect.) You may have noticed the dichotomy between the skimpy VS panties and the rest of the look - well, there's a reason why M'n'Ms are so popular: sometimes, chocolate is best served in a sweet candy-coating! ;) Make yourself even more irresistible with pillow-soft curls - I'd recommend a half-up, half-down style like Blake Lively's, pictured here. Your S.O. won't be able to resist running their fingers through your hair (and quite frankly, neither will you). As for the perfume, Prada Candy Florale is my scent of the moment, thanks to the fact that when I first tried it on, Mike kept smelling me the whole night long! Needless to say, I bought the full bottle - and now I swear by it. The stuff is magical. If you buy yourself one present this Valentine's Day, make it Prada (and don't fear the price tag - every cent is worth it!). 

BONUS: Lazy Girl Style!

This year, what with Mike away at college, I expect my Valentine's Day plans to consist almost entirely of laying on the couch watching Netflix and spooning cookie dough into my mouth at alarming rates (maybe a Skype date, too, although I'm sure he won't mind if I materialize in my PJs) - so, naturally, this guide would never be complete without some quality pairs of jammies! I've shared my three favorite picks for every personality; whether you're bold or shy, boyish or femme, I promise you won't be without your lazy day fix. 

Lazy Look 1: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Source: Forever 21

I'm not sure which I love more: the cute cupcake motif or the cheeky "bon appetit" mantra on the top. I'm seriously considering buying myself a pair of these punchy PJs (at only $18.90, I'd be a fool not to), but that might be too dangerous: if I put them on, I might never take them off! Get yours from Forever 21 now.

Look 2: Subtly Sensual

Even if you're alone this Valentine's Day, there's no one better to dress up for than yourself - and with a nightie as cute as this one, you may actually find yourself wanting to! I'm rather dotty for this one myself (pun intended), but if this print just isn't your thing, it's also available in four more styles. Plus, with the right sweater and a warm pair of tights, this slip can totally do double-duty for daytime: it's right on-trend for more than just nap-time. Snag it at $49.50 from Victoria's Secret. 

Look 3: Talk Cutie to Me

Source: Nordstrom

Oh, Valentine's Day: could there possibly be a better time to lay all your cards on the table? These bold 'n' bright jammies are perfect for the no-fuss girl-next-door. Whether you're rocking them at girls' night or just wearing them to dance around to T-Swizzle in your dorm room, you've just gotta love the honesty (and comfort) of this boxer-tee duo. If these PJs have got you feeling like a "Hopeless Romantic," you can buy them from Nordstrom for $48.00.

If there's one thing all of these jammies are perfect for, it's chilling around the house and (what else?) baking cupcakes! And, who better to keep you company than your best gal pals? Single or not, I absolutely love, love, LOVE the idea of having a girls' night on Valentine's Day! Check out my Pinterest account (or stay tuned for my Single Ladies' Tea Party post) for more perfectly pink party ideas. 

Until then, have a happy Valentine's Day - and keep the lovin' comin'! 
XOXO, Haley.


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